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My name is Fen. I have been a filmbuff since childhood, and this is how I learned film-making for the most part - I watch how they cut from scene to scene to get the story going, the camera angles of those amazing shots, the framing. Then as I grew older, as the chemistry and urgency built up, I jumped behind the camera lens and started the career as cinematographer and editor.

These days I film about 40 weddings a year; work with musician and dancers to make music videos and performance videos. My vision in cinematography and sense of flow in editing have also attracted attentions from a number of indie film-makers; opportunities have come up and collaborations are on the way.

From the home page of this website, you can browse my film/video work by clicking on the categories you are interested in. As a cinematographer, editor and colorist, I work in boutique style and believe in hand-crafted work that rises from heart. No matter it's a wedding, event, dance performance, music video or film, I hunt for cinematic moments behind the lens, and piece together the clips with a poetic storyboard in mind. I enjoy subtlety and the beauty of random sequence, yet balance them with logic and sense of flow. I don't stuff myself with formulas; every piece of project is a new beginning for me, an opportunity to seek creativity at its best.


*Top two photos below taken at a wedding in June 2015, by Monica Mendoza Photography.

*Middle photo below taken at a wedding in October 2015, by Maria Alba Photography.

*Bottom two photos taken during a student film making scene in 2014 at NJ Film School.